Laser Lipo

Imagine the results of liposuction but without the surgery

The press have confirmed that this safe treatment is just what the Aesthetic industry has been waiting for. A way to achieve inch-loss and body contouring with no pain, no needles, no time off work and best of all with instant results.

Many people desire to lose weight or shift fat. It is fair to say that even conventional liposuction is not a great way to lose weight. Diet and exercise are still the mainstay of treatment for effective results. Having said that there are a significant number of people who are of a more reasonable weight but who are very unhappy with the distribution of fat on their body. These people are more concerned with shape than weight. In the past this has required surgical liposuction involving a general anaesthetic a short stay in hospital, considerable bruising and swelling and the wearing of very uncomfortable restrictive clothing for 4 to 6 weeks following the procedure. There is a lot of pain to endure and the final results can take 6 to 12 months to develop fully. This has lead to many people looking into a way of reducing the severity of the treatment, reducing the risks and the ‘down time’.

Laser Lipo is not a replacement for liposuction. There is a limit as to how much can be done at any one time and if you need to remove reasonably large amounts of fat in one go then liposuction is still the preferred option. Laser Lipo can be used in the right patients to provide very pleasing results with significantly less ‘down time’ and discomfort.

Laser Lipo Applications
Inch Loss, Skin tightening, Cellulite reduction, Skin rejuvenation

Laser Lipo Treatment Areas
Stomach, Face, Hips, Back Fat, Chicken Wings, Double Chins, Baby bulge, Male breasts, Cellulite

How Laser Lipo works - Overview
The Lapex BCS emits low levels laser energy, the fat cell membranes are disrupted releasing intra-cellular fat. This causes the cell to lose its round shape by changing the permeability of the cell membrane. This does not affect the neighboring structures such as skin, blood vessels, and peripheral nerves.

Triglycerides spill out from the broken cell membranes and are released into the interstitial space, where they are slowly transported through the body’s natural metabolic functions, with no adverse physiological effects and are used by the body as an energy source. This mechanism of action is not “liquefaction of fat” rather, it is the instant empying out of the cells rather than the destruction of them. (referred to as lypolysis).

Laser Lipo Treatment Guide
Following your FREE Laser Lipo consultation and the completion of a medical questionnaire, the targeted fatty area will then be accurately measured. Once this procedure has been completed, the treatment will follow the protocol listed below:
• You will have two large Diode Laser paddles placed on the targeted fatty areas and secured with straps.
• Then two smaller Probe Lasers will be placed over the appropriate lymphatic glands and held in place.
• The Laser Lipo BCS will then be switched on for 10 minutes, re-located and turned on for another 10 minutes, this will be repeated one more time.
• The treated area will now be re-measured to assess the  inch-loss achieved. You can expect to see a reduction of between 0.5 and 3 inches. (1.25 and 8cms).
• In order to increase the body’s ability to remove the Triglycerides (the broken down fat cells), it is necessary to assist this natural process by increasing the metabolic rate. This can be achieved in a number of ways but they all involve some form of exercise. We recommend the use of a vibration plate machine for about 10 minutes.

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Chromolite-EP Advanced Laser Hair Removal

Chromolite-ep is the latest generation in IPL technology offering a wide range of treatment options...

Chromolite-ep is the result of more than 20 years experience in the medical laser industry and a fresh innovation from Chromogenex Technologies Ltd; the inventors and patent holder for laser hair removal, non ablative wrinkle removal and home of the Regenlite advanced pulsed dye laser. Chromolite-ep is an Intense Pulsed Light System utilising its own Smartlite™ Dual Phase Technology.


Dual Phase Smartlite™ Technology
Dual Phase Smartlite™ technology is a unique feature, setting new standards in IPL technology and developed exclusively for the Chromolite range of products. Smartlite™ produces high levels of light energy that can be used effectively for the treatment of unwanted hair, skin rejuvenation and active acne.

This unique technology uses a combination of enclosed waveguide and a special reflecting cavity at the rear of the flash lamp source which increases transmission of light energy into tissue significantly compared to a standard IPL. Chromolite-ep has a unique Dual Phase Pulse which is designed to provide destruction of both the bulge and the bulb for ultimate hair removal results.

The primary phase is a fast rise sculptured pulse allowing 50% of the energy to be transferred to tissue in the optimum time interval to focus on a flowing blood target and ultimately destruction of the bulge. This effect is essential for the removal of finer and lighter coloured hairs. This rapid rise in energy is also extremely effective for the treatment of unwanted pigmentation when used with the appropriate handpiece.

The secondary phase of the pulse is an extended tail of energy to enhance the thermal increase in the hair bulb, without increasing the temperature of the epidermis. This enables the coarser and more stubborn hairs to be treated efficiently.

Proven Treatment Process
Our past hair removal experience with lasers and IPL has clearly demonstrated it is important to destroy both the germ cell (bulge) and hair root (bulb). Smartlite™ delivers a combination of yellow and red light combined with DPT (Dual Phase Technology) to destroy both structures and increase the efficiency and results.


Quit Smoking with Nicolite

Let Nicolite give your life back. No pain, no drugs, no withdrawals, just the science of light. A revolutionary safe new laser to stop nicotine craving.

Nicolite is a low level or ‘soft’ power laser which is used to induce a bio stimulative effect on target areas of the body related to addiction. In addition, natural chemicals in the body, called endorphins, are released as a result of this stimulation.


These chemicals are involved in the reduction of pain, stress levels and increase circulation and energy. This effect helps to combat the body’s need for nicotine and naturally reduce physical symptoms. During treatment, laser energy is applied to points on the hands, ears and face. A mild warming or tingling sensation may be felt by the patient, although some experience no sensation but do feel very relaxed during and post treatment.

Multiple double-blinded clinical studies have proven a high level of efficacy for this laser treatment. In one such study at the Middlesex University of 340 patients, 70% of those treated with the laser stopped smoking. Clinical results show that Nicolite treatments are up to 6 times more effective than nicotine patches in helping patients quit smoking.



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